If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night because your bedroom feels like a disaster area, then it might be time to make some changes. You can easily find a place for all of your belongings without the need to get rid of things. Simply make some changes to add more storage and begin utilizing unused space. These ideas are cheap and easy to install, even for a beginner!

Closet Organization

1. Hook them up. Shower curtain rings can double as tank top holders. Simply then hook your tank tops to the rings and then on a hanger. You can store multiple tank tops this way to really save space.

2. Are clothes causing clutter? Use space saving bags to store items that you don’t use all year long, such as warm weather clothes or your heavy sweaters that you won’t need during warm seasons.

3. Create your own shoe rack. Use crown molding to create a shoe rack in your closet or on an open wall in your bedroom.

4. Maximize the space. Add drawer organizers to help straighten up messy drawers.

5. Create under-the-bed storage. Add risers to your bed for even more storage under your bed.

6. Take decorative knobs to the next level. Attach cheap or old cabinet knobs to a piece of wood for a decorative way to hold necklaces in your closet. You can even use them as a decoration in your bedroom!

7. Create corner shelves.  Utilize unused space in the room, such as a corner to make floor to ceiling shelves. You can even install a shelve in the unused space above your bedroom door.

8. Organize with towel rods. Use towel rods on your closet walls to keep scarves and belts organized.

9. Create headboard storage Build your own or buy a headboard with extra storage compartments.  

10. Save more space. Create a platform bed with storage cubes underneath for a decorative space-saving idea.