Tune in here for our seasonal tips and how-to videos!

Tip #1

Choosing the correct height for mowing your lawn is essential. While bent grass can be cut down to half an inch, tall fescues should only be mowed to 3-4 inches.


When applying weed and feed to your lawn make sure that you have not recently seeded your lawn. The weed killing chemicals can burn fresh grass seeds and germinators.

Tip #3

Summer is here and so are those pesky insects. Remember, some insecticides can burn the leaves of your plants. Be sure to test the product on a single leaf prior to applying to entire crop.

Tip # 4

Have you recently purchased tomatoes? Are the stems not as strong as you had hoped? Plant the tomato in the ground at an angle, three to four inches up the stem itself. The plant will actually sprout more roots along the buried stem and grow upwards stronger!

Tip # 5

Is the end of  your hose falling apart? Is there a hole in the middle that makes it unusable? Hoses are expensive, and taping over them only works for a few days. No need to keep buying new hoses, when they can be easily repaired by putting new ends on them. Durable metal ends cost $2-5, and only take a few minutes to replace!

Tip # 6

Are wasps a yearly issue at your house? Try setting traps with locally made attractant in the SPRING to catch queens BEFORE they can nest. A trap with one queen is more effective than 4 traps full of workers later in the year.

Have a great summer!