Tune in here for our seasonal tips and how-to videos!

Tip #1

When choosing ice melt be sure ask yourself a few questions:

Am I putting this where there is frequent pet traffic? Will this ice melt be on concrete, dirt, or plants? What temperatures will this product need to work under? Does this ice melt stain and if so does it matter?

Always keep some ice melt around for slippery sidewalks, so no one gets hurt.


We really haven’t had much winter yet. Make sure your outdoor pipes are drained, or heat-taped and insulated, and check your doors and windows for good weatherstripping.

Tip #3

We have window cover plastic sheeting to make winter storm windows. Also, make sure your windows are locked for the winter for safety, this will also insure that they are airtight.

Tip # 4

Be sure to keep some flashlights, batteries, and/or oil lamps with lighters, so you are ready for a power outage. During this time of year it is common for ice to coat power lines and cause electrical problems. Consider  how you can heat your house and keep food from spoiling during an extended outage.

Happy New Year!